Quality assurance

Our translation processes allow us to guarantee our clients only quality translations. This has been proven by the hundreds of thousands of clients who have trusted Cinko SK with their business & coroporation translations. Our approach uses a flow method that guarantees our clients’ projects will be successful. See below:


Automated quality control

When quality is paramount, but time is of the essence, automated quality checks keep content flowing.

All our translation projects have an automatic quality control system in place. This system is programmed to detect any detail or problem related to spelling, technical glossary, codes, style guides among others. In the process, we also assign a second translator who checks the project and applies quality control to the work done.

It’s about finding that right balance between manual review and automated quality checks to ensure content is accurate without slowing down the process.


Project approval

On delivery of the completed work, one of our professionals is assigned to accompany the client in this phase of the process, so that any correction or non-conformity brought up by the client can be dealt with immediately.


Project assignment

With our vast experience of clients and projects, we have been constantly refining our services, and are now able to match a qualified professional according to the project and its needs. Our professionals have access permits based on their experience and confidence level.


Pre-translation process

We use all the technical glossary and styles used by your company, ensuring high quality and consistency of translations you assign to us. This is a service only provided for business clients.



We have an advanced work platform, where all your work is stored, this platform has functions that will provide your projects with the best quality and security required. You will have the opportunity to work directly with your translator and coordinate your projects directly with him/her and you will be able to give your translation a personalized touch using features such as photos and videos.


Reputation Management

The world of reputation management has become so large and diverse that it’s common for reputation management services to be specialized, for example offering online reputation management only. But one should be aware that all reputational content has an impact on your business, and it’s important to take a holistic view across all possible channels when you’re developing a reputation management strategy.

Guaranteed quality in translation solutions


Professional translation services imply linguistically accurate translations for corporate and business use. They allow customers efficiently to expand their reach and effectively bridge international language gaps. Our team of professional translators ensures that any translation remains grammatically accurate, culturally relevant, and stylistically like the original document, providing customers with high-quality translations tailored to the audience or context in which they will apply the material. Moreover, our services prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering work quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring a professional result that meets customer requirements every time.


Our language service provider is proud to present translation services, from our highly qualified team of over 5000 professional linguists translating into their mother-tongues. Read more

Translation Solutions

We have integrated solutions with our state-of-the-art technological platform. Where we manage to integrate with the main technological platforms. Read more.

Content Solutions

Knowing that your business is truly prepared to connect, communicate, market, and sell to a global audience is of vital importance. If it isn’t then a translation service might be necessary. Read more.


Cinco SK’s team of expert translators have specific expertise, skills and the relevant background needed to handle projects that require a deep understanding of specific industries.


The consumer and retail industries are all about boosting products to as many people as possible. To expand, companies need more clients, therefore, they try to access new markets. However, issues can arise due to language and cultural barriers. Read more

Travel and Leisure

People prefer to plan their vacations with companies that generate confidence, and this starts with communication. Also, hospitality is a key industry where translation is vital. Many businesses within this sector aim to attract visitors from across the globe. Read more

Media, Publishing and Entertainment

Are you in the media, publishing or entertainment industry and looking to expand your reach? If so, then you should consider working with Cinco SK for professional translation services. Read more

Mobile and Video Games

Gaming has become one of the largest industries in the world, with revenues reaching $200 billion worldwide. The demand for gaming has spread internationally, with rapidly growing gaming communities in countries as different as Germany, South Korea, Mexico, and Japan. This creates huge profit opportunities for gaming companies to market their product in foreign countries. Read more

SEO Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing is essential to growing and positioning your brand. Our professional translators have in-depth experience in marketing, advertizing and SEO translation services, and we provide fast and precise work at the best possible price. Read more

Technology and Software

We provide accurate and efficient technology translation services so tech companies can confidently engage international customers and partners across linguistic barriers. We translate technical documents and software applications. Read more

Business and Finance

When it comes to the essential documents that detail the finances of your business, entrusting translations to professionals is a must. Our translators are not just qualified linguists, they are also well-versed in the financial industry. They have the experience needed to translate accurately and efficiently business & finance agreements and all manner of financial documents. Read more


Translation of legal documents such as contracts, general terms and conditions, judgements, laws, and other documents must be carried out by specialist translators. In this field, it is essential that the translation is precise and accurate. Read more.


We are a company with proven experience in the field of business and corporate translations, carried out by a qualified team of professionals. We have hundreds of professional, native translators in European, Asian, and Latin American, as well as some African languages, to help you deliver the best international customer experience across linguistic barriers.

You can easily and effectively communicate in more than 60 languages with your clients and your target audience.

Our services cover: website translations, technical translations, audiovisual translations, financial translations, software, video game localizations, among others. We are your best translation partner to take your company to the next level. Our prices are highly competitive, with an original style and optimal results we guarantee you will communicate effectively with your clients and be a cut above your competitors.

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