Technology and Software

Technology and software translation

Day by day, the information technology industry is evolving rapidly and demands high quality translation services. All this with the intention that this service supports companies to communicate their message to global markets. We have the required expertise in advanced technology translation services. We know how to meet the international demands of your products on all types of devices.
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Translation of documentation

We can help you with the translation of the technical documentation for your products, where we guarantee consistency, correct terminology, and technical accuracy from our team of trained translators.

Customer support translation

With services provided internationally, you no longer need to hire multilingual staff: our translation tools in over 30 languages allow your team to answer all your customers’ queries and provide support documentation in the native languages of your users.

AI Training Translation

We are specialists in the translation of technical documentation of personalized data for the formation of artificial intelligence. Our more than 5000 certified professionals can fully meet your company’s requirements.