Legal translation for corporations

Legal issues can involve multiple languages, thousands of documents and variables ranging from site restrictions to strict filing deadlines.
We are the perfect partner for comprehensive legal translation services. Receive accurate and appropriate translations from expert translators of a wide variety of legal documents.

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Translation of terms and conditions

Most websites contain terms of service, which are terms that describe the rules of your business. We have the qualified personnel to correctly translate these types of conditions with the greatest care and diligence for each client.

Translation of contracts

We provide certified translations of contracts and legal agreements approved by courts and government agencies around the world. In addition, we can translate contracts and legal documents for corporations, law firms and individuals.

Translation of Service Agreements

We provide you with the translation service for your company’s, website’s, or your company’s service agreements whatever your specialty is. This type of agreements are used in businesses worldwide and require to be known in the languages that customers require. Our professionals will help you.

Trademark and copyright translation

We will support you in obtaining and protecting the copyright with our professional legal translations executed by our highly trained translators.

Patent translation

We translate applications, office actions and patent litigation documents.