Mobile and Video Games

Translation services for mobile phones and video games

Worldwide, the video game market is now 2.2 billion players and growing. Your mobile or they may be available worldwide, but it is not certain, that they are ready for the global market. Create a global appeal, translating these facilities so that the next time someone buys your mobile or your video game, you are present anywhere in the world.

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Translation of the application chain

An attractive mobile application is one that is capable of handling text, audio files, numbers, currency, and graphics in a way that is appropriate for the people who use them. The application strings are handled by the application to expose buyer interface elements and information to the user during this process.

Translation of the application description

In an application store, the application descriptions are the most important thing. Reach more users, allowing each customer’s language to be a barrier to purchasing your product.

Marketing and advertising translation

Make your brand known worldwide, thanks to the advertising and marketing efforts for your mobile or video game. Create brand recognition in a region or in the world.

Translation of user ratings.

It is important for a user to review the qualifications made by other users. Make your video game’s ratings known to many people around the world.