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Corporate translation services

Professional translation

We have more than 5000 certified translators, we have a portfolio of services where we offer professional corporate translation, in more than 30 languages. We are fully capable of handling large content translations in all industries through our robust state-of-the-art platform. We also provide immediate translations through our application.

Positioning your website

Allow us to accompany you in the creation of your company site, multilingual, using our platform. A flexible and personalized work accompanied by our expert translators.

Adaptation of applications
We accompany you in adapting the interface and functionality of your mobile application to suit foreign language markets. We work with all standard file formats, including Apple iOS strings, Android XML and XLIFF, where you can translate all your content seamlessly.

Our translation application

We offer you our translation application, a tool that allows you to perform high volume translations of content, where your requests are processed and transferred to our translators.